The layout of the Dutch Ham Radio Convention

Below you will find the layout of the IJsselhallen buildings in Zwolle. The new location of the Dutch Ham Radio Convention. And this event is organised in the central part of the grouped buildings. That part is flagged below by means of a red rectangle.
The layout of the Dutch Ham Radio Convention
We zoom in on that central part where the DvdRA 2018 will take place. That way we enamble you to easily find the correct hall when entering from the main entrance. Or the restaurant for a warm or cold snack.

A) Big eventhall AA-hal

B) Restaurant De Kogge

Accesible for everyone

C) Suyderseezaal

All lectures, opening, closing, lottery

D) Hanzezaal

Morse challenge

E) IJsselbar

Only on invitation

F) Cash registers

G) Parking visiters

H) Parking, exhibtors and employees

I) Ticketcontrol

In case you would like to print this information at home, then yoy can find the PDF-version here for downloading. And below you will find a photograph of the main entrance og the IJsselhallen. So you will know upon arrival that you are in the correct spot. We would like to see you in Zwolle. See you in November…!!!

De lay-out van de Nederlandse Dag voor de RadioAmateur

Main entrance IJsselhallen